The Future, According to Tech Pundits

7 Jan


Technology is not just an assisting tool for our lives anymore; rather it has carved out a graceful yet simultaneously overbearing niche for itself in today’s modern global society. Some may view this as a turn for the worst as our lives become more and more entwined in digital forums and processed communication, but there seem to be many who hold the completely opposite view, specifically some members of the panel which made up the Techonomy conference held in Arizona this week.

The panel, which comprised of all stars from Eriksson, Microsoft, Facebook, and U.S Department of State, discussed the optimistic and pessimistic sides of having staggering growth in mobile and offline networks and their collective impact on economy and society. The conference is pretty much a tech analyst’s Comic Con and here are some of the insights that were revealed.

 The Broadband Boom

The stats and figures are citing…

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