You heard it right … its 5G Wi-Fi !

4 Jan

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About three decades ago, something revolutionary happened, something that would change the way we connect, something that made us more productive, something wireless. It was the first generation Wi-Fi.

We loved it! It was new, fresh and possessed immense room for improvement. Then came 2G and 3G connectivity. They, happen to be the most widely used network speeds and they are fairly good. Most of our devices are compatible with them and we try and convince ourselves that they are fast enough to get the job done.

Improvisation again, we now have 4G LTE, its ridiculously fast ! The fourth generation of connectivity is in rage now, but Broadcom is looking way ahead. Its 5G, taking the speed and capacity of 4G LTE and pumping it with steroids!! That, breeds 5G speeds! The 5th generation Wi-Fi connection is here and its going to change your life. A term that was…

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