5G Technology

2 Jan


This document represents personal views on 5G network architecture, especially for wirelessservice providers. Document has 3 segments, Brief history of wireless telecommunication, 4Gnetwork architecture, Network Infrastructure sharing and 5G network architecture.
“Before you create future, you must envision it “
: UNKNOWNWe are living in era of convergence. Convergence is merging of technologies, domain anddiscrete IT systems. Basic of convergence lies in Digitization. The digitization of everything iscreating a more natural communications experience. Boundaries separating various technologies,engineering practices, functions etc. are dissolving. So tomorrow, our car, our mobile phone, our home security system, our office, all the systems that surround us, will communicate with eachother automatically to fill our environment with our preferences and our need to feel connectedanywhere, anytime and with anyone, across the world. This is called Ubiquitous Computingparadigm.Wireless technologies are going to take taking new dimension in our lives. The wirelessbroadband will soon become readily available to everybody while, being at home, driving the car,sitting in the park, and even on a pleasure boat in the middle of a lake. And because of this, our need to have information at anytime and to be connected at all places, all the time, will besatisfied.The world of universal, uninterrupted access to information, entertainment and communication willopen new dimension to our lives and change our life style significantly.This article is presenting vision of 5G network architecture, explaining concept of Ubiquitouscomputing, Super Core and Evolution of managed services.

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