Top 10 Posts on Cloud

28 Dec

If you’re new to the conversation, there are resources in this list to help you master the basics. But once you’ve got your feet on the ground, the conversation quickly soars to new heights, addressing the business rationale for cloud computing and putting to rest some of the most persistent myths about its dangers.

1. Top 50 ‘#CloudComputing’ Twitter Influencers

Who’s talking about cloud computing? Jen Cohen Crompton helps you get connected with the most influential people leading the conversation on Twitter.

2. Top 10 News/Blog Sites for Cloud Computing

Stay on top of the latest developments with Jen Cohen Crompton’s recommendations on the best sites for news and thought leadership.

3. The Cloud Is Here With Plenty of Growth Coming [Slides]

Lindsey LaManna sums up the results of research performed by TNS Infratest on cloud usage, relevance and satisfaction. Link to the presentation for full details of this SAP-sponsored study.

4. Cloud Computing Myths…BUSTED

Will the cloud leave my data vulnerable to hackers? Jen Cohen Crompton takes on some common myths and busts them wide open!

5. Six Cloud Benefits That Are Helping Businesses Innovate

Jen Cohen Crompton summarizes the results of an IBM-sponsored study demonstrating how the cloud is helping organizations better adapt to new trends. Download the full report for full details.

6. Cloud Investments Grow in 2012 But Are CIOs Leading the Charge?

Not according to a significant number of CEOs heading large companies.  Jen Cohen Crompton summarizes the results of a Gartner study that reveals some of the tensions in the C-suite.

7. Top 9 Challenges in Cloud Computing

What are the top concerns facing companies contemplating a move to the cloud?  Jen Cohen Crompton summarizes the results of a Booz & Company whitepaper that addresses the issues slowing widespread adoption.

8.  Cloud’s Outlook For 2020 

What form will cloud computing take in the year 2020?  Michael Brenner reflects on the vision for the future as reported in a ZDNet article that brings together the opinions of experts in the field.

9.  Cloud Computing Terms to Know

Are you a bit foggy about a lot of the lingo that surrounds cloud computing?  Jen Cohen Crompton clears away the confusion with her overview of essential terms to know.

10. The Business Value of Cloud Computing



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