IMS Emergency Session

28 Dec

AbbreviationsAF : Application Function.APN : Access Point Name.ARP : Allocation Retention Priority.IMS : IP Multimedia Service.IMSI : International Mobile Subscriber Identity.ME : Mobile Equipment.SIM : Subscriber Identity Module.UICC : Universal Integrated Circuit Card. IMS Emergency Session 2

Introduction (1)The calls to Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade, Marine Guard, MountainRescue etc. are considered as emergency call as per TS 22.101.Emergency calls should be supported by the UE without aSIM/USIM/ISIM being present.( This descision, though, rests on thenational authorities)UE s with barred services due to location or otherwise, should also beallowed to make emergency calls.Due to their high priority they should be given a certain fixed QoS.When a emergency number is dialed, the initial call will transferemergency information to the operator automatically. (done using IPMultimedia Service). IMS Emergency Session 3



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