Microsoft Direct Access – How DNS64 & NAT64 works?

27 Dec

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As I said in my previous article Direct Access is an IPv6 only technology; Direct Access clients talk to Direct Access Server using IPv6 technologies. (Don’t forget this communication happens using IPv6 transition technologies i.e. IPV6 encapsulation in IPv4 packets.). As client to server communication happens using IPv6, Name lookup also happens using IPv6 & AAAA query. So if a internal server has IPv6 address it is easy for the client to start communication. But if internal server is only IPv4 configured, how it will communicate. This is where DNS64 and NAT64 come into the picture.  So NAT64/DNS64 are needed when you want to have IPv6 communication over IPv4 network. For other way round look forward to next article.

  • So IPv6 enabled DA Clients send an IPv6 host resolution query (AAAA Query- Quad A query) to Direct Access Server.
  • In Direct…

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