23 Dec

Technology White Paper

As wireless operators begin the process of evolving their existing 2G and 3G networksto Long Term Evolution (LTE), a new all-IP Evolved Packet Core (EPC) will be required tosupport the network and to deliver the performance, scalability and quality of experiencethat new wireless broadband services will require.One of the benets of the new EPC is the additional exibility in functional composition of thenetwork elements supporting the control and data planes. This functional exibility providesthe opportunity for the design of new core architectures that can be tailored to meet theservice requirements, topologies and organizational models of the wireless operator.With this transition to LTE, interworking with the existing 2G/3G mobile networks will berequired so that seamless handovers occur across the wireless operators’ own networks aswell as when LTE services roam across both trusted and non-trusted networks.Alcatel-Lucent has developed a complete, end-to-end LTE solution, including a purpose-built service-aware Evolved Packet Core that can seamlessly interwork with existing2G/3G networks.
Interworking LTE EPC with W-CDMA PacketSwitched Mobile Cores

Source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/117712097/2G-3G-Core-to-LTE-EPC-Interworking-TWP


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