Why EE is missing the point about 4G

18 Dec

Running with Stethoscopes

Everything Everywhere is spending a fortune on persuading people to spend a fortune with them. I’ve seen billboards, TV ad after TV ad, posters, radio adverts (didn’t see those, but you catch my drift) and pages in the paper. They’ve got a transient monopoly and they want to milk it for every penny they can get.

Sadly, they’ve gone so hard at the advertising and rolling out a 4G network that they’ve failed to account for the purpose of 4G: that is, high-speed on-demand data. Nobody needs high-speed data to check their e-mails, or check facebook – 3G is perfectly adequate for that. What people want 4G for is streaming. Films, TV-channel-catch-up of choice, YouTube; name a video service, and people want to watch it on the train home in HD on their Retina-or-equivalent device.

This is where EE have gone wrong. Video streaming eats data like Eric Pickles eats…

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