Understanding Wireless QoS – Part 5

17 Dec


This would be the last post of the 5 part series “Understanding wireless QoS posts”. In this post we will look at How QoS value change under two specific conditions.

1.Cient is WMM capable, WMM is disabled on WLC
2.Client is not WMM capable, WMM is configured on WLC (Allowed option)

Network topology is same as the one used for previous posts (see below)Wireless QoS-3-1

Following shows the values I observed when Cisco7921 & IPcommunicator in Dell Laptop(XP sp2 operationg system & 3495ABG Intel wireless driver) used as wireless client. In this scenario I have disabled the WMM on WLC.Wireless QoS-5-2

This is how we can interpret this. When wireless device put its traffic into wireless media it will set up WMM user priority in wireless frames. When it comes to access point, this time it ignores this “UP” value comes from client’s wireless frame as WMM disable on the wireless network.Therefore…

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