TD-LTE Industry Support for Global Markets

9 Dec
  • 1. TD-LTE Industry Support for Global Markets TD Industry Alliance Wang Peng 2012.11.27
  • 2. Organization Structure of TDIA Mission Integrate and coordinate the industry resources, improve the R&D and production level of mobile communication enterprises within the alliance and realize the popularization and industrial application of TD-SCDMA & TD-LTE in global telecommunication markets. VisionBased on TDD technology innovation, make TDIA one of the most important industrial associations that push the development of mobile communication technologies and industry all over the world.
  • 3. TDD Innovation & Standardization  RAN1:Physical Layer LTE FDD Standards  RAN2:L2 & RRC  RAN3:L1 & Transport, S1/X2 AP RAN1 WI Completed RAN2/3/4 WI Completed RAN5 WI Completed  RAN4: UE & eNB Tx/Rx, RRM core, RRM test, eNB test  RAN5:Common env., TD-LTE Standards Signaling, RF Tx/Rx, RF RRM R4 R5~R7 R8 R9 R10 R11 R12 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 N HSDPA: DL2.8 HSPA+: Dual Stream SON CoMPFrequency Mbps/1.6MHz 64QAM BeamForming ReLay HSUPA: UL2.2 MIMO eMBMS CA Mbps/1.6MHz OFDM Home eNodeB CPC Positioning MBMS
  • 4. Conformance Testing of TDD Terminals GCF Certification Labs System Simulator UE Requirements Manufacturers Manufacturers Result of Verification 3GPP RAN5 ETSI TF160 Verification TDIA Test Specification (Text) TTCN Test Suite (Code) Development of TD-LTE TTCN Test Suite keep the same pace with FDD Verification of TD-LTE TTCN Test Code :  P1/P2/P3 Test Cases :100%,P4 Test Cases: 93% GCF P1/P2: 100%,P3: 97%,P4: 80%
  • 5. Development of TD Industry 2013~2014TD-SCDMA 400,000+ BS 300,000,000+ UsersTD-LTE 400,000+ BS 80+ commercial/Trial 201210+ Infrastructure Vendors 12 commercial TD-LTE18+ Chipset Vendors network launched10+ Test Equipment Vendors (October 2012)50+ UE Vendors TD-SCDMA 300,000+ BS TD-LTE 20,000 +BS 2011 TD-LTE trial in china TD-LTE trial abroad 90 members in TDIA 2009~2010 TD-SCDMA commercialization, market developed rapidly TD-LTE industrialization 2003~2008,TD-SCDMA trial / TD-LTE standardization,Industry chain set up2002,TD-SCDMA industrialization ,TDIA established with 8 members
  • 6. Site MapContact Us Opportunities and Challenges of TD-LTE Industry Chain 2008 2009 2010 2010 2011 2011 2012 Data Cards ofTD-LTE Downlink TD-LTE TD-LTE TD-LTE Japan Bharti Expanded Single mode WG by peak rate trial trial data XGP/ Airtel TD-LTE from QualcommCATR in of TD-LTE network card in 、Sequans、ST- (CMCC TD-LTE TD-LTE Trial in China : 76Mbps in Asia large China E and Innofidei Softbank) network commercial scale at World Expo network Infrastructure Chipset Test Instrument Organization
  • 7. TD-LTE Large Scale Trial Goes Smoothly Multi-Vendor Environment: International VS Domestic Enterprises Multi-Mode Multi-Band:GSM/TD-SCDMA/ WCDMA/ TD-LTE/LTE FDD Polymorphic Terminal:MiFi/CPE/USB DongleTechnical Trial Commercial Chipset & TrialPhase2 of ScaleTrial Finished Terminal TD-LTE at HKCities in Put into TD-LTEExpanded Trial CommercializationIncrease to 13 System by 2012Bidding Work Equipment TD-LTE Basefor TD-LTE Stations IncreaseTerminals has to 300,000 by 2013begun IOT between TD-LTE&TD-SCDMA TM8 with Beamforming & MIMO
  • 8. Internationalization Process of TD-LTE Continues to Accelerate12 commercial TD-LTE networklaunched (September 2012):Saudi Arabia : MobilySaudi Arabia: STCDenmark/Sweden:Hi3GIndia: Bharti AirtelAustralia: NBNJapan: Softbank MobileBrazil: Sky TVUK: UK BroadbandPoland: AERO2Oman: OmantelRussia: MTS29+ operators have TD‐LTEcommercial deployment plan(September 2012)53 Trial Networks (September 2012)
  • 9. Spectrum: Lifeblood of TDD Industry<1GHz 1880 1920 2010 2025 2320 2370 2500 2570 2620 2690 3400 3600 3800 ? 40 15 ? ? MHz MHz MHz 50 MHz 190 MHz MHz MHz ? band39 band34 band40 band41 Band42 Band43  Harmonized spectrum is necessary for IMT to achieve economy of scale.  Band 41 is a very promising band that can provide global roaming capability for TD-LTE.  Frequency below 1GHz is recommended for seamless TD-LTE coverage. MHz 2 500 2 550 2 600 2 650 2 690 C1 MS Tx TDD BS Tx 2 500 2 570 2 620 2 690 C2 MS Tx BS Tx (external) BS Tx 2 500 2 570 2 620 2 690 C3 Flexible FDD/TDD 2 500 2 690 M.1036-01-Ann5
  • 10. 2.6GHz band Allocation for Global Roaming Europe Asia – Pacific FDD UL TDD FDD DL25002500 2570 2570 2620 2620 2690 2690 Hybrid: 2x70MHz FDD + 50MHz TDD – 2500-2570/2620-2690MHz FDD, Duplex spacing 120MHz – 2570-2620MHz TDD USA:2.6GHz TDD band 2496MHz 194MHz TDD spectrum 2690MHz TDD 1. Operators need to upgrade its legacy network to TD-LTE 2. TD-LTE is the best choice
  • 11. Whole TDD Scheme of 2.6GHz in China Improving spectrum efficiency•Improving spectrum efficiency by reducing guard band•Exploring significant benefits of precious spectrum resource Reducing management complexity•Reducing complexity of management, interference coordination and network deployment•Improving the usability of spectrum Considering global roaming and ecosystem•Band 41 is one of the 3GPP standard bands, on which some operators have deployedTD-LTE•Considering the layout of global main telecommunication markets•Enlarging the industry scale
  • 12. TD-LTE Chipset & UE Develop Rapidly GGE/3G/4G Multi-mode 40nm/28nm TDS/TDL Dual Mode 22nm/14nm GSM 2/3/8 GSM/TD- TD-SCDMA GGE/TD- TD-SCDMA Band 34/39SCDMA/WCD Band 34/39/40 SCDMA/WCD WCDMA Band 1/2/5 MA/TD- TD-LTE MA/TD- TD-LTE Band 38/39/40LTE/LTE FDD Band 38/39/40 LTE/LTE FDD LTE FDD Band 3/7 All in One 130nm 90nm 40nm 2012H1 2012H2 2013H1 2013H265nm 40nm 40nm 28nmTD-SCDMA/ GSM/ GGE/3G/TD- GGE/3G/TD-LTE/LTEWCDMA/TD-LTE LTE/LTE FDD FDDSingle Mode TD-SCDMA/ /TD-LTE AP+CP SoCTD-LTE DataTraffic Single Chip Dual Core CPU(>1.2GHz) Data Card/CPE/MiFi Handset BB Chipset commercial in large scale RF Chipset UE Leading Level
  • 13. Development of TD-LTE Terminals  2012Q4-2013Q1, data terminals, especially MiFi is the focal point  Considering different using occasions, requirements of TD-LTE MMMB smart phones should be defined by 2012  Definite voice solution will give a rise to the development of MMMB chipsets and terminalsUSD  。 Phase1 Phase2 Phase3 Phase4 GSM/400 TDSCDMA/ Multi-mode Single Mode MiFi TD-LTE Data Card Multi-mode Data Card Price Trend High-200 gain Indoor Outdoor CPE CPE CPE100 Outdoor Smart CPE Phone 2010 2011 2012 2013+
  • 14. Roadmap of TD-LTE Voice Solution LTE Evolved Voice Solution VoLTE VoLTE is defined by 3GPP as the ultimate voice solution Challenges to meet the continuity Long-term requirement of voice traffic High cost for deployment of network Coexistence LTE Initial Voice Solution CSFB(CS Fallback)Defined by 3GPP ProtocolNo need for IMS networkCall latency longer than2G/3G Dual Mode Dual Stand-By MiFi / Data Card / CPE 2012 2013H1 2013H2 2014
  • 15. Roadmap of TD-LTE Terminal Instrument Support for LTE FDD GSM/TD-SCDMA/ WCDMA/TD-LTETD-SCDMA multi-mode/WCDMA conformance/TD-LTE testing 2012Q1 2012Q2 2012Q3 2012Q4 3G(TD-SCDM GSM/TD-SCDMA/ A/WCDMA)/ WCDMA/TD-LTE/LTE TD-LTE dual FDD multi-mode test , mode test set covering 3GPP TTCN3 TS36.521- 1 conformance All the conformance testing for testing about RF, protocol, TD-LTE RRM in 3GPP
  • 16. Roadmap of Antenna 2012H1 2012H2 2013H1 2013H2 LTE 8 channel broadband LTE 8 channel broadband antenna in trial antenna available in aBroadband large scale Band38/39/40/34/1/2/3/4Antenna Asymmetrical TD-SCDMA/TD-LTE half-wave dipole 1880-2690MHz LTE miniaturized 芯片工 LTE miniaturized Practical LTE miniaturized antenna antenna available 艺 antenna program determined In trial in a large scaleMiniaturized Physical size reduced Height reduced:50% Height reduced:50% Technical Indicators ensured Thickness reduced: Thickness reduced:Antenna Efficiency improved 60% 58% Gain reduced:1.5dB Indicators meet demands T/G Dual-mode 芯片形 Active integrated antenna 式Active program determined Key components designed Active modules & radiationIntegrated unit connected 1880-1920/2010-2015MHz Transmission loss minimized Cost reduced: 30%-50%Antenna Gain improved: 0.3dB Coverage dynamically adjusted
  • 17. Multi-Mode Multi-Level Network Services 2G/2.5G:voice/low speed data 3G:video phone/middle、high speed data/industrial application TD-LTE:high speed data/ dedicated industrial applicationFull Coverage Seamless Coverage in Major Cities Hot Spot/City Proper Voice Middle/High-End High-End Low Speed Data Client Market 2G/2.5G 3G TD-LTE 2G/2.5G provides 3G realizes seamless coverage TD-LTE could improve the continuous video phone in major cities. With the high competitive power of network and low/middle speed data data load of HSPA, 3G and service, especially in service. systems focus on middle and CBD areas. high-end clients.
  • 18. TD-LTE Solutions for Operators Traditional Newly Developing Wimax Operators Operators OperatorsCMCC,Vodafone, Bharti , Clearwire, Yota, Witribe, etc. RosTelecom, Antares, Devas,Softbank, UK Broadband, Vivid, Solorz, MVS, Austar,Hi3G, DOCOMO, Deutsche etc.Telekom, France Telecom,SaudiTelecom, FETnet, SKT,etc.Existed TDD bands Existed TDD bands and Easily get TDD bands withDecrease operation cost, subscribers low costincrease system capacity Rich experience in TDD Data cards for transition, orEvolve from CSFB to SRVCC network deployment and handsets directlyEvolve from data card to operation SRVCC for voice solutionhandset Available TD-LTE and directly TDD/FDD convergence is a Wimax convergence solution Flexible business model,trend Voice service over handsets target on new market, such as VPN and smart city



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